Meet Gene Keyser

If you're looking for a real estate pro who's not only got the experience and the expertise but also the heart and integrity to guide you through the maze of NYC's property market, Gene is your guy. You won't find a more capable and genuine professional out there.

Alright, alright - I know I look like I just walked off the set of Sopranos - the epitome of the machis-bro, and a nefarious one at that. 

But what you’re seeing is the olive skin of a Ukrainian Jew. I inherited my dad’s serious demeanor and the concentrated scowl he honed as an astrophysicist working for the Soviet Russia. Try not to hold it against me. Because my mom, an industrial engineer in The People’s Shoe Factory, was the kindest person you’d ever meet. And that’s what she handed down.

Both taught me there’s only one way to do things and that’s the right way. What’s hard to see on a screen, but what’s extremely palpable in person is that: I’m on your side. 

As brilliant as my parents were, they bought a ramshackle house (that I spent my childhood helping to renovate) in a working-class town with even more ramshackle schools because they were desperate to move out of a urban-blighted immigrant neighborhood and too doe-eyed to know what they were doing.

Their brilliance was no match against the desire  to provide more for their family - or whatever emotions are driving you. Logic provides little protection against a system that’s designed to get the better of everyone. If you feel lost, it’s not you.

I’ve been in the NYC real estate game for nearly 20 years since stepping away from my first career as a stock trader, and it blew my mind that getting a license was so easy in an industry that supposedly helps people make such serious decisions.

Any suit and tie can mask a wolf or a fool.

Point is, passing a state test won’t make you an expert. To be great at it, you need to be a freak with numbers, to tour thousands of homes in dozens of neighborhoods, to know how to swing a hammer, and to be able to arrange a living area to impress friends when they come for dinner. You need to revere how hard people work for their money. You need to appreciate where they’re coming from. You need to be repulsed by the idea of screwing them over. And above everything, you need to fully comprehend VALUE, i.e., what you think a home may be worth vs. what everyone else thinks. 

My parents moved out of a slum and directly into the worst house on a block that never felt like home. A great agent wouldn’t have let that happen. Yet two decades later, before I was an agent, there I was having a home buying experience that threatened the same outcome - confusion, wasted opportunity, landing somewhere where I didn’t belong. 

There’s a pattern here. 

“We need to obsess about what's broken and problematic in the way people buy and sell their homes to stimulate a more rewarding experience. Right now, there's too much allegiance to a morally hazardous process and not enough allegiance to the people who matter most."

Client focused.

Doing real estate right means creating better outcomes. A nest-egg that offers affordable comfort, more space in a fantastic location, with the flexibility to nurture a creative and fulfilling lifestyle. I want to make that happen for you.

Keyser Team NYC

Keyser and team are partnered with Compass - a PropTech leader, dynamic marketing platform, and the most innovative Real Estate Agency in the US. By merging his analytical analytical background and thorough market knowledge with Compass's technological dominance and global reach, Keyser's clients rest easy knowing every aspect of their real estate endeavor is fine-tuned to surpass the industry's highest standards.

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I've lived and hustled in these vibrant NYC streets for over 30 years. Trust me, I've got this city's real estate game down to a science. With my hands-on, no-nonsense approach, I'm here to be your guide through this fast-paced jungle. Whether you're hunting for that dream property or aiming to make a savvy sale, I've got you covered. Together, we'll navigate the twists and turns of this market, ensuring your triumph in any endeavor. So, what are you waiting for? Let's make moves and conquer the NYC real estate scene. Reach out to me, and let's make your real estate dreams a reality.