How to Find an Ideal Buyer

  • Gene Keyser
  • 07/23/20
In a market like New York City, it might seem easy to sell a home: just put it on the market and let the offers roll in. But behind every bid is a person, and it’s important to know how to size them up. You want a buyer who understands the real estate market and the purchase process—these are the people who will complete a sale without delays and headaches. That’s why I call them “closers.”
Closers know first-hand that the real estate environment is filled with competition for the best properties. They comb the web looking for a deal. By the time they close, they will have looked at 30, 40, or even 50 properties in many different neighborhoods. Often they will have been through the bidding process repeatedly, losing by small margins or to slightly better terms.

Closers aren’t pushy and won’t try to bluff you. They won’t need to pretend to be informed, because they are—they already know enough to tell the sparkle of a real gem from the dullness of cubic zirconia. They won’t try to pass themselves off as prepared, because they are—they’ve already gathered every document they’ll need to show that they’re in excellent financial shape. They’ve been through the process before and have the quiet confidence that comes with knowledge and preparation.
Closers will make a fair offer because they have an excellent understanding of overall inventory and pricing and have seen most of the properties comparable to yours. They’ll be prepared to make an educated decision and move forward quickly. They’ll be ready to increase their bids and offer better terms to beat out the competition and close the deal.
Attracting more closers is essential if you want to move your property quickly at a good price. Though some properties do receive 2, 3, or even 5 or more bids, most—67% nationally, according to—receive only 1. A quick check of any major online real estate portal such as StreetEasy or Zillow will show you that most properties languish on the market for months. Why do some sellers beat the odds, attracting the strongest interest and multiple bids? They are the ones being seen by more prepared and seasoned buyers.
In order to attract these closers, you need to be just as prepared as they are. Because they know the market, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your own property, and how to emphasize its best qualities. Because they know the right questions to ask, you need to know the right answers.
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