Make Your Home Shine

  • Gene Keyser
  • 11/14/20
It can be intimidating to think about all the things you need to do to get your property ready for its first showing. Even taking photographs for your listing requires careful preparation. But when you make a plan, you’ll see that each task is an easy step toward a radical improvement in your home’s curb appeal.
Here are a few easy ways to get started sprucing things up around the house.
Start packing now
You’re moving, right? So get started. Declutter everything. Put it in boxes. Put boxes in storage. Thin out your closets. When your home isn’t over packed with old tennis rackets and obsolete DVD players, it’ll look more spacious and attractive to your buyers.
Lose the loose wires
Make sure there aren’t any wires sticking out from behind your desk, or a long extension cord knotting up alongside your TV. By investing a few dollars in cord controllers, you can make your home look cleaner and more elegant.
Freshen up the front door
It may sound obvious, but make sure your front door is clean. Paint it, if possible, and make it as inviting as you can. Consider a tasteful welcome mat. Draw inspiration from other doors in your neighborhood.
Clear the pathways
Make sure hallways and staircases are clean and free of debris. Clean your carpet and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, if necessary, even if you live in a condo or coop. Even if it’s only a staircase to the basement, each route your buyer takes is part of the experience of touring your home.
Bring on the plants
Place planters with flowers in front of the entrance or on the stoop. If it’s fall or winter, fill them with kale or gourds. Plants can help convey an impression of care and permanence.
Erase any scuff marks
Use a Magic Eraser to get rid of scuff marks on your walls, doors, knobs, light switches, toe kicks, moldings, appliances, and floors. Magic Erasers work pretty much everywhere. It’s a great job to assign to your kids, but you might want to keep it for yourself—magic erasing is kind of fun.
Declutter your kitchen
Clear your counters. Nobody wants to see your toaster, coffee maker, and last 3 months of mail. If your counter is scratched or chipped, it’s possible to have it repaired. If your counter is 1970s formica, consider having it replaced. You can even tile over it. If you counter is relatively new, you can put a clean bead of clear silicone along the seam where your kitchen counter meets the wall.
Get a white (or nearly white) duvet and bright pillow covers
White may not be a practical color, but it’s the easiest way to make your bedroom look good in photos and during showings. It makes the room look larger and you wouldn’t want to distract guests with a too busy-looking bedspread.
Try to make your bathroom look fresh and clean
Clean all the brown and black stuff off your tiles, floor, tub, and sink. Regrout where necessary, and replace the atrocious shower curtain you bought when you moved in. Put white silicone along the tub and wall seam, as well as on the sink. Get some fresh bright matching towels, and use them only for showings.Once your home is looking its best, there’s a lot more you can do to attract buyers. Consider what improvements you or your buyer might like to make and pave the way with bank pre-approval. Or better yet, get a full game-plan together using our our free comprehensive guide to selling your home.
Make Your Home Shine

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