Forest Hills

A medley of world-class entertainment harmonises with its luxurious locales.

Welcome to Forest Hills

The country meets the city in this thriving Queens neighborhood

Forest Hills is known for its stunning row houses, towering high-rise apartments, and its historic concert venue. A medley of world-class entertainment harmonises with its luxurious locales.

This residential neighborhood is stacked with terraced high-rises sporting excellent views of the Manhattan skyline and Tudor-style homes on tree-lined streets.

What To Expect

An established neighborhood with a rustic culture and traditional city fare

Forest Hills is a residential neighborhood in Queens with fine local dining, shopping, and great transportation in an urban bucolic setting.

The Lifestyle

Small town vibes and authentic retro shopping

Enjoy concerts at Forest Hills Stadium, a farmer’s market at Forest Hills Greenmarket, boutique shops on Austin Street, or have an old-fashioned ice cream and soda at Eddie’s Sweet Shop.

Unexpected Appeal

Old timey atmosphere and Art Deco interiors

The local businesses in Forest Hills feel like they are cut from another era with their classic early-Twentieth Century interior design.

The Market

Most buildings are single family homes or luxury high rises and these desirable properties can be costly

In Forest Hills, the homes are spacious with front lawns and backyards. This already well-known area is only getting more popular and prices are trending upwards.

You'll Fall In Love With

Green streets, Tudor-style homes, and the serenity of the suburbs

If you close your eyes and take one of the four train lines or Long Island Railroad to Forest Hills, you’ll feel transported to the suburbs in this quiet and cozy gem.


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