A colorful blend of hipster haunts and family friendly offerings all rolled into one.

Welcome to Ridgewood

A hip neighborhood that won’t be a hidden gem for long

For those looking for style, energy, and accessibility, but prefer Queens over Brooklyn, Ridgewood is a great choice, and the word is getting out. It’s one of the smaller neighborhoods in Queens and fast growing, attracting both aspiring artists and families.

This neighborhood is the Williamsburg of Queens, sharing its border with Bushwick and reflecting the area’s alternative and hipster vibes. With a market made up of converted warehouses as well as brick and stone homes, the area attracts both artists and families.

What To Expect

A colorful blend of hipster haunts and family friendly offerings all rolled into one

Local coffee shops, great schools, and easy access to Manhattan have made this a destination for those who seek a peaceful lifestyle without sacrificing the city’s quirky charm.

The Lifestyle

A neighborhood of impressive music venues, a counter culture attitude, and stylish shopping strips

Ridgewood is alive with an active music scene and a culture revolving around small, local businesses. Individuality is ever-present here, and the influence of the area’s many artistic residents is clear. From neighborhood restaurants to high-end clubs, life in Ridgewood is booming with options, all with a unique spin.

Unexpected Appeal

Knowing the avant garde venues and bars before everyone else

Ridgewood has so much to offer those brave enough to search. It’s a music lover’s dream come true. Locals enjoy a range of cool low-key spots like The Footlight, and intimate neighborhood dive with specialty cocktails and a small stage.

The Market

Large spaces and low price points add to Ridgewood’s growing appeal

In Ridgewood, you can spread out and take advantage of New York’s most important luxury: space. Most buildings are luxury co-ops and multi-family homes. Prices are lower in the northern section near Fresh Pond and are still affordable as you get closer to the border of Brooklyn.

You'll Fall In Love With

An active community that maintains a quiet culture

It may be in the city that never sleeps, but Ridgewood is calmer and quieter after dark, making it perfect for those who prefer to explore in the daylight.


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